Woman Power!

From my personal blog…

Those who have heard about Newzealand, had been there, know that it’s a beautiful country with green landscapes and quaint homes, making it one of the most desired holiday spots!

This little country of five million population, has somehow managed to stay COVID free from the year 2019! Only today, the news said that Newzealand went on a nationwide lockdown for three days, identifying only one case of Corona! I repeat, only one!

How was this possible, while the other countries were relentlessly fighting the Pandemic, shutting shops, business houses, educational institutes, temples, churches, mosques and synagogues?

The answer is, togetherness , united efforts of the citizens and most importantly, good leadership by a woman Prime minister, Jacinda Ardern!

Are we learning? Good leaders are any day more attractive than great politicians! What say?

Neelima Neel🌸🌸🌸

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