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Joy of life

“We have no peace because we have forgotten that we belong to eachother” Mother Teresa Listening to a song on the radio gives immense joy and that too if it turns out to be your favourite song! A quaint transistor played in my mother’s kitchen, and if I flip through my childhood memories, this remainsContinue reading “Joy of life”

Born Free

“The root cause of suffering is attachment.” By Buddha. The year 2020, had given us ample amount of time to delve deep into the basics of life! We announced our regrets on social media and relentlessly communicated our remorse on being a burden to ‘Mother Earth!’. We are witnessing the depleting layers of ice atContinue reading “Born Free”

The Emptiness Syndrome

“An empty mind is devil’s workshop!” Is it true that somewhere we all feel empty? Is there a lacuna in the heart somewhere? Why can’t we just be? Why is there a constant urge to fill the cup? A part of my childhood was spent in a little village, Simhachalam, in South India, which wasContinue reading “The Emptiness Syndrome”

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