The Chaos

Carl Jung: …in all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order…


After a two year marathon with the deadly virus, I decided to go on a holiday to find some peace !

I loved the idea of being out of reach. The break began with a beautiful ride away from the routine dramas of life.

The resort was almost like nature’s haven, with food, wine & natural surroundings. My room was peaceful, with a majestic view of the Sahyadri mountains ( west India). I indulged in a lavish buffet, relaxed at the spa & strolled in the flower-filled garden. This surely made my day! The holiday continued..

So, is this what one needs? A decadent escape from the present? Is detachment that easy? Can you really cast away everything mentally?

Slowly the neurons in my brain found too much space to loiter around. A deep fear seeped in. I recognised this as a withdrawal symptom to return to the comfort zone.

Sitting in the carved wooden chair, facing the mountains, I closed my eyes, said a prayer and offered gratitude to all the staff who served me during this short escape from reality.

The universe operates on the principle of gratitude! Which means, any life that serves you selflessly, is praise worthy! Offering Gratitude is just a token of appreciation!

Life presents us with a choice, every single moment. Most of us choose habit over freedom. I guess we have left the most important questions of life to the enlightened ones ! Rest of us love to play the ‘merry-go- round!’

Signing off..Neelima Neel🌸🌸

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