Ego on the go…

Ego trip: a journey to nowhere. Robert Half

In a general conversation, if you are a good listener, you know that, all the opposite person wants to say is, ‘ I know! Why not Iam aware? Does it give an ego boost?

So, what’s this everyday quiz ? Do you know this? Have you heard of it? Why is 90% of the population engaged in hoarding a library of knowledge? What is this trip?

I feel that the answer is, Ego trip! The itinerary involves going to temples,mosques churches, synagogues’ confessing sins, where there are no witnesses! The perks of the trip are huge. You can go to these places repeatedly and continue being your old self. Have you heard of a stampede at a religious place recently? It’s not an uncommon headline in the newspaper.

The not so common subject in the headlines is, Humility! Those who have it, are the masters of life! A chance encounter with a Seer led me to writing a Gratitude Journal. One of the most intense and arduous tasks of my life. By the 40th day, I was reduced to rubble. It felt like a road trip to hell! I was a minute particle of dust that cannot even be placed on the fingernail of a child’s palm! In the context of the umpteen number of galaxies and planets, Iam just an atom!

Life is short, you are insignificant! Yet you have a unique purpose in holding the matrix of the universe. You already know that! So, what’s the trip??

Signing off..Neelima Neel 🌸🌸

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