The Emotional Business

I am sure that if the devil existed, he would want us to feel very sorry for him. By Martha Stout

So, when you step out and start meeting people, you open your eyes to a new world! Especially if you have led a cosy life within the confinement of the four walls of your warm nest.

You struggle to prove your mettle not once but a thousand times, face embarassment, gulp insults and finally start to work! Congratulations! You have done it! Ah, if you feel that’s the end of the fairy tale, you are sadly mistaken! The story just began…

Professional rivalry, gossip, friendly banter,parties et al! Be it a corporate office, showbiz or a simple naukri (job) all these elements form the core ingredients of the recipe of this dish called, work life! Hmm…once you are a professional, do you simply work hard, take your pay cheque and go home? Ofcourse, yes! Many of us do that. So, what do the rest of them do? Iam literally talking about the Rest!’

They are the most interesting part of the story! They speak to you about them, then speak to them about you! Then, completely use both of you to the best of their ability to climb up the ladder! That ladder which is beyond you. Wondering what the hell is this all about?

Let me introduce you to the new venture called ‘Emotional Business! Here, you can buy ethics, morals, integrity & most importantly, you get published with the elite, for selling these at a very exclusive price!

Signing off…Neelima Neel 🌸🌸

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