A big hello to all!

The Race here is definitely not about how to get better! It’s about how to get better than others!

A famous quote by Theodore Roosevelt says: “Comparison is the thief of joy.” I feel that there are two ways to look at this: Are you comparing yourself with another to improve yourself ? Or are you running an endless race to be better than others?

Nevermind! A few social media hawks do it anyway. They spend their precious time on these social media apps’, counting followers and verification badges, oblivious to the fact that they are giving away their inherent power to strangers who are gaurding their jobs for that company!

So, how to view The Monster called Social Media? If we use the various media only to communicate effectively, create value, entertain in limits and not overload it with mindless banter, it might change the mindset of the makers of these applications.

There is definitely a bigger game there, and waking up to this, might help millions secure their privacy and not give away their power to strangers who barter your integrity for fame and popularity!

Please note that the day, David Attenborough stepped onto a social networking site, he had a million followers in just a span of 24 hours! Here’s a guy who spent ninety years of his precious life in the wilderness of nature, to touch a million hearts ! And you wanna’ get this in 90 days by selling yourself cheap?

To all those who are using Social Media, I strongly recommend the movie, ‘THE SOCIAL DILEMMA’ ( on Netflix) !

Signing off!

Neelima Neel💫

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