The ‘Excess’ Factor!

Hello Everyone!

The Buddha said : Anything in excess is poison.

We all love the wonderful motivational quotes we read every morning, when we reach out to the phone next to the bed, the first and must ritual of the day!

So, the quotes definitely give us an opportunity to broadcast it to a list of friends, family, society groups etc., and their instant reactions are a huge source of sense gratification!

For those who don’t know, many of these quotes emerge from an unknown source. Someone creates them, another passes it on and ofcourse, breaking the chain is criminal ! BTW, an acquaintance of mine sends approximately 150 messages a day! No prizes for guessing! His chats are archived!

The next Interesting point in the flow chart titled ‘Excess’ is, ‘Family dinner!’ In India, we truly believe that “a family that eats together, stays together!”

Eating at a high-end restaurant after a hectic week is another compulsory ritual!

But mind you, the leftovers must be distributed either to the urchins or to the domestic help! That’s because we love being charitable! We are givers and not savers! We are basically magnanimous!

“The Pandemic has really hit us hard. So, we subscribed to almost all the popular OTT channels and we now order food online.” This was a banal conversation between two home-makers at the park, where I ventured out for an evening walk, like the moon-walker, with a mask, umbrella and a grocery bag!

So, what is excess here? Everything is a necessity! Especially for the city dwellers!

A clipping from the documentary film, by an Animal Communicator shows that, when asked a gang of monkeys that were a nuisance to the neighborhood, on why they steal food? They replied that, we humans are stacking all the food from the nature and they have no option but to visit our homes and pick up their share!

Let us not stop here, we have already won the championship of destroying the blue planet! Let us race towards Moon and the Mars.. apparently there is space there and we have NASA here!

Signing off!

Neelima Neel🌸

4 thoughts on “The ‘Excess’ Factor!

  1. You really stripped us naked….what a sarcasm but so polite . Jokes apart… whatever you wrote is truth…we have really destroyed our beautiful planet.

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