Born Free

“The root cause of suffering is attachment.” By Buddha.

The year 2020, had given us ample amount of time to delve deep into the basics of life! We announced our regrets on social media and relentlessly communicated our remorse on being a burden to ‘Mother Earth!’.

We are witnessing the depleting layers of ice at the Himalayas, air pollution, water pollution and finally ‘Mind Pollution!’ So, where did it all begin?

If we look at the Cavemen, they ate food from the forests and hardly wore any clothes.

The twenty first century humanbeing dons expensive fabric, food from forests is stacked in the cellars and refrigerators, layers of concrete is built, cutting down the rocks, little wonder that the modern humanbeing evolved beyond his own expectations!

But when one looks around, everyone is stressed out! Aren’t we? Right from children at the high school to the CEO of a company, the word ‘stress’ has become a part of our lexicon.

Observing the number of people seeking solace in spiritual sanctuaries, meditation retreats and yoga villages, one exactly knows why life tiptoed into these quiet places….

A spiritual guru once said that, a baby in the mother’s womb, solely meditates for nine months for ‘Freedom!’ So, once ‘born free’, the poignant question that haunts humanity is, why are we still in search of freedom?

Signing off..Neelima Neel 🌸🌸

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