The Emptiness Syndrome

“An empty mind is devil’s workshop!”

Is it true that somewhere we all feel empty? Is there a lacuna in the heart somewhere? Why can’t we just be? Why is there a constant urge to fill the cup?

A part of my childhood was spent in a little village, Simhachalam, in South India, which was a religious haven to the local citizens.

The God resided on the hill top in an ancient 11th century CE temple, a delightful abode of the budding architects. As a child I was enamoured by the sheer size of the stone carved chariot wheels in the temple premises.

My Sunday’s were filled with excitement, as I sat on the edge of the wall of the only bank in the village, where my father was the manager. We lived on the first floor, right above the bank. I enjoyed watching the temple attendants carrying flowers in tokris (cane baskets), priests hurrying to catch a bus for their morning rituals at the temple and a host of people running up and down the only main road for their daily chores.

Only when I grew up to stay in a metropolitan city, Mumbai, did I realise that I have actually had the best moments of my life in a village surrounded by sacred hymns and prayers!

Such is the game of life! You never realise the true value of anything till you actually lose it with time!

So, now Iam enlightened to the truth of emptiness ! I have realised that the most precious moments of my life were actually those that I had spent just observing life as it is…

Signing off..

Neelima Neel🌸🌸

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